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The Lakireddy Bali Reddy Case

A  Family's  Criminal  Conspiracy  Involving  Sexual  Slavery  &  Indentured  Servitude  In  Berkeley

by Diana Russell & Marcia Poole 2003

Vijay & Prasad Lakireddy

Grace Christie, Dianna Russell and Marcia Poole demonstrating

Vijay Lakireddy, owner of a Berkeley computer software company called Active Tech Solutions, was charged with helping his father bring the three teenage girls into the country under fraudulent circumstances in August 1999. Vijay was also charged with falsifying documents enabling the entry into the United States of many other illegal Indian immigrants. Later, he and his brother Prasad Lakireddy would be charged with raping and beating the same young girls whom their father had raped and enslaved.

Reddy's younger son Vijay went into hiding before he was finally arrested. The police and concerned members of the public feared that he had escaped. However, for reasons unknown, he didn't flee, and the police were finally able to apprehend him.

Charges Against Prasad and Vijay Lakireddy

Vijay and Prasad Lakireddy were charged with committing immigration fraud and importing Indian girls for 'immoral purposes,' which include rape and sex with a minor. They were also accused of traveling abroad to seek out the Indian girls for sexual activities. They were further charged with harboring, transporting and employing the illegal immigrants over a 14-year period, beginning October 1986. (Sexton, October 29, 2001, p. 1)

Vijay was also charged with visa fraud while Prasad was charged with attempting to intimidate a witness. The Lakireddy brothers are the only members of the family who have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

Attorney George Cotsirilos, who represented Vijay, attempted to argue that the case against the brothers hinged on the question of the bias and/or lies that the translators employed to communicate the victims' testimony in English. On November 6, 2002 Judge Armstrong agreed to require Corrigan to interview the victims about their special relationship with Uma Rao and Nalini Shekhar (another translator employed by the government).

Judge Wilken set January 6, 2003, for the trial date for Reddy's sons, Vijay and Presad Lakireddy. However, they told her in court on April 29 that they were willing to discuss a plea bargain. It would have been very surprising if they didn't enjoy the class privilege of their father, manifested in yet another scandalous mere rap on the knuckles for their heinous crimes

Vijay Lakireddy Protests Berkelely's Lien for Safety Violations

28 Nov 2006 The Lakireddy's never learn. The Berkeley City Council approved a lien against Vijay for continuing to allow his rental property to be in violation of Berkeley's Safety Codes. The vote against Vijay was almost unanimous, with Councilmember Gordon Wozniac pleading Vijay's case, citing he had so much property, how could he be expected to do repairs in a timely manner. Councilmember Dona Spring, always a protector of tenants' rights & safety, replied that Vijay and his family's real estate empire never responded to any calls from tenants and, in fact, never called her back on the occasions she phoned to express her concerns about safety violations.

The Lakireddy family obviously believes they are above the law. Sorry Vijay, we know you as the common criminal you are.

Fines upheld for Vijay Lakireddy

by Judith Scherr(12-01-06) in Berkeley Daily Planet

The council turned down a request from landlord Vijay Lakireddy to reduce fees for slow compliance in fixing violations under the city’s Rental Housing Safety Program in 47 of 60 units he owns at 2033 Haste St.

Lakireddy argued that because he had so many repairs to do he should be given some leeway. “A lot of items were flagged. We did our best,” he said.

“When a property owner has far flung real estate holdings, he bears some responsibility for upholding safety laws of the city,” Councilmember Max Anderson responded. Mayor Tom Bates addressed Lakireddy directly: “We hope this is a wake up call.”


Appeal By Vijay Lakireddy Re: Imposition of Lien to Recover Rental Housing SafetyProgram Fees

The Housing Department proposed rejecting Mr. Vijay Lakireddy’s objection to $7,800 in fees imposed by the City of Berkeley’s Rental Housing Safety Program, thereby allowing a special assessment lien to be filed on Mr. Mosleh’s rental property.  These fees were incurred in the enforcement of the Housing Code on the property located at 2033 Haste Street, Apartments 101, 102, 104, 119, 201, 203, 204, 211, 214, 306, 314, 318, and the Common Area.

For further information, please contact Carlos Romo, Housing Inspector Supervisor at 510.981.5440.